Premium Zita

Zita premium addon will take your builder experience to the next level.

Sticky Header

Make your header accessible while scrolling the site. Sticky header make navigation easy, No matters user scrolled page to any position.

Menu Style For All Niches

You can select desired menu style from 8 available styles. Zita contain unique styling for each category of web development.

Available Styles

  • Brackets
  • Triple Dots Under
  • Underline Up
  • Underline & Overline
  • Underline From Left
  • Flip Line
  • Corner Style
  • Left Right Underline & Overline

Unique Header Layouts?

Header is the most important part of any website, Zita provide 9 unique header layouts and upto three column above and below header area with unlimited combination possibility.


  • Left Logo
  • Right Logo
  • Center Logo
  • Left Pane
  • Right Pane
  • Min-bar Left
  • Min-bar Right
  • Min-bar Top
  • Min-bar Bottom

Advance Typography

Zita typography comes with 800+ free to use Google fonts, You can set desired subset and modify every corner or your site. Theme provide full typography control over listed elements.

You Can Modify

  • WooCommerce
  • Header
  • Button
  • Blog
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

Perfect For Blog?

Zita provide 7 unique post layouts and options to modify each post element (like : Featured image, Meta, Content, Read more, Comments). Other options like Spacing manager, Drop cap, Date box, Read time etc make blogging more exiting.
Same options available for post single page.

Post Layouts

  • Single Column
  • Two Column
  • Three Column
  • Four Column
  • Left List
  • Right List
  • Zig Zag
  • Masonry

Sticky Sidebar

Sticky sidebar is useful for blog / product sites with long content area but small sidebar. Sidebar stick until you scroll down complete page.

This feature improve frontend design and provide better user interaction.?

Desired Structure Control

You can set website structure according to your need. Theme provide complete control for inner and outer container spacing.

Available Layouts

  • Max Width
  • Wide
  • Padded
  • End To End

Create Shop With Single Click

Yes shop site is possible with a single click using Zita. This theme provide you options to manages product columns. Product elements reordering. Related & Upsell Product Control. Alignment options for product single page.

Key Features

  • Off Canvas Sidebar
  • Dropdown Cart
  • Floating Cart
  • Quick View
  • Distraction Free Checkout

Footer With Unlimited Combinations

Zita comes with 8 unique footer layouts and upto 3 column above and below footer area. In these footer areas you can add add any thing you want (Text, Icons, Widgets etc).

Footer Layouts

  • One Column
  • Two Column
  • Three Column
  • Four Column
  • Left Big Three Column
  • Middle Big Three Column
  • Left Big Two Column
  • Right Big Two Column

Footer Styles

Zita help you to switch your old traditional Footer using sticky and fixed footer styles.

Sticky Footer

This style stick footer at the bottom of the screen, So that visitor can access footer at any scroll location.

Fixed Footer

This style provide amazing scrolling effect.

White Label : Add Your Brand

Zita provide 100% control over theme branding. You can add your own logo, Name, Description and URL by replacing Zita branding. It means you can personalize Zita Completely.

Color & Background

With Zita you will get full freedom to style and color each and every element of Header, Footer, Content, Sidebar, Blog and WooCommerce.

Deeply Integrated With WooCommerce

Zita is highly integrated with WooCommerce. You can create a perfect shop using Zita and WooCommerce.


Zita Pro

Checkout our affordable pricing plans.

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